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Thread: ATI Readon 5145 gets overheating whithout any use..

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    Unhappy ATI Readon 5145 gets overheating whithout any use..

    Hello everyone,i am using Windows for a quite of time & it was ok.... for me.
    Few days ago i've found openSUSE & simply it shows enough performance in my Laptop Sony Vaio-vpcea23en,with ATI Readon 5145 graphics chip to switch from windows forever.

    Now that i am addicted to Suse i can't get my laptop graphics working any way...but i am desparate to fix it.On windows My chip gets 55 temp with normal use but in Suse 12.01 it reaches to almost 80 with gnome 3 useing nothing at it.......

    I tried to install drivers several times but either it fails or shows black screen on next boot.I tried also to install mate but mate+caja eats up 92% of my Core I3 processor...

    Please,help me,i am loosing my work/sleep for not being a part of suse family...please help.

    {Additionally I tried Linux Mint v13/ also had the same overheating issue but i installed Additional Drivers & it worked like ,But Suse attracts me more than anything please help me out!}

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    Default Re: ATI Readon 5145 gets overheating whithout any use..

    I think that you'd get a better response if you posted to an appropriate Forum like Hardware (hint Admins, move this thread?)

    As for your actual problem, I am only familiar with nVidia GPUs but assume that many of the same procedures and tools might be available to ATI as well...

    - If running KDE, browse available Plasmoid widgets. Some of them can be quite amazing and informative, reporting not just the temp but possibly also which processes or threads might be consuming resoources.

    - Installing, updating to latest driver almost always is good. Have you updated your entire system at all? If Apper is running, it likely is suggesting dozens of updates. You can also manually update from the CLI

    # zypper update
    If an updated driver exists in any of the repositories you've already configured, it will be installed automatically with everything else that needs updating.


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    Default Re: ATI Readon 5145 gets overheating whithout any use..

    I would encourage you to try an install the ati drivers from AMD. The temps on my AMD Radeon HD 6670 dropped by about 30 degrees when I switched over to the AMD drivers. Try searching in the forums for "atiupgrade", it is a nice script made by a member here (please_try_again) that downloads and installs the latest drivers for your card. Of course you would want to make sure your card is supported etc.....
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