Hello everyone.

On Windows I used to do a ZeroFill in order to make sure no virus would get re-activated once I "formated" with Windows.

I'm interested to know if I download a virus with openSUSE (specially via WIne) and somehow it deletes my home folder, it would be a good idea to do a ZeroFill, because some viruses can re-activate themselves after a normal fomatting since normal formatting doesn't really erase any data.

The scenario would be:

Wine installed
Downloaded a Steam game (I don't play nor run pirated software)
Joins a server
A server file is infected (happened on Windows, since the server admins have full folder-access depending on the game)
The virus gets access to my home folder

Then, after "formatting" with suse DVD and re-installing Wine (thinking I'm safe now that my system is "formated") the virus get back on.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.