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Thread: texlive-humanities package missing

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    Default texlive-humanities package missing

    Is the texlive-humanities package missing from 12.2 ?

    Where do I find it?

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    Default Re: texlive-humanities package missing

    Quote Originally Posted by LanceHaverkamp View Post
    Is the texlive-humanities package missing from 12.2 ?

    Where do I find it?
    A quick search revealed that maybe you meant 'texlive-collection-humanities'

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    Default Re: texlive-humanities package missing

    Quote Originally Posted by deano_ferrari View Post
    A quick search revealed that maybe you meant 'texlive-collection-humanities'
    Hmmm, Yes, that's the package, thank you; but it's not available in 12.2, only in the unreleased beta, factory version. I just tried installing the 12.3 version and got this error:

    An error occurred while initializing the software repository.
    openSUSE:Factory: [|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)
    - [|] Repository type can't be determined.

    Try again?

    I have no idea what that means--any suggestions?

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    Default Re: texlive-humanities package missing

    It is part of TeXlive 2012 - the default install is 2011. You can get it from the Publishing/TeXlive repository. If you add this

    Index of /repositories/Publishing:/TeXLive/openSUSE_12.2

    to your repositories, it will appear in YaST Software Management.

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    Default Re: texlive-humanities package missing

    On 01/21/2013 08:06 AM, LanceHaverkamp wrote:
    > Is the texlive-humanities package missing from 12.2 ?
    > Where do I find it?

    did you try your frind?
    is it German humanities?

    if so i found it with my friend (google), by searching on just

    7th hit (behind lots of Debian references) said "RPM OpenSuSE
    texlive-biblatex-fiwi 2012.58.1.1esvn25415 noarch ... Oct 10, 2012 –
    Biblatex styles for use in German humanities" located here
    which says:

    it was designed for citations in German Humanities, especially
    film studies, and offers some features that are not provided by the
    standard biblatex styles. The style is highly optimized for documents
    written in German, and the main documentation is only available in
    "RPM found in directory:
    and it gives links to the rpm....


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    Default Re: texlive-humanities package missing

    On my new install of 12.2 I get zero results searching for any packages with the word "humanities". So if 'texlive-collection-humanities" was there, it should appear on a search for humanities. Is there another repo I need?

    Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, etc. all have a this texlive-humanities package. Here's the Debian description of what it handles, as you can see it handles an enormous number of formatting needs for non-science (and non-German) documents:

    • alnumsec -- Alphanumeric section numbering.
    • arydshln -- Horizontal and vertical dashed lines in arrays and tabulars.
    • bibleref -- Format bible citations.
    • bibleref-lds -- Bible references, including those to the scriptures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
    • bibleref-mouth -- Consistent formatting of Bible references.
    • bibleref-parse -- Specify Bible passages in human-readable format.
    • covington -- Linguistic support.
    • dramatist -- Typeset dramas, both in verse and in prose.
    • ecltree -- Trees using epic and eepic macros.
    • edfnotes -- Critical annotations to footnotes with ednotes.
    • ednotes -- Typeset scholarly editions.
    • gb4e -- Linguistic tools.
    • gmverse -- a package for typesetting (short) poems.
    • jura -- A document class for German legal texts.
    • juraabbrev -- Abbreviations for typesetting (German) juridical documents.
    • juramisc -- Typesetting German juridical documents.
    • jurarsp -- Citations of judgements and official documents in (German) juridical documents.
    • ledmac -- Typeset scholarly editions in parallel texts.
    • lexikon -- Macros for a two language dictionary.
    • lineno -- Line numbers on paragraphs.
    • linguex -- Format linguists' examples.
    • liturg -- Support for typesetting Catholic liturgical texts.
    • parallel -- Typeset parallel texts.
    • parrun -- Typesets (two) streams of text running parallel.
    • plari -- Typesetting stageplay scripts.
    • play -- Typeset drama using LaTeX.
    • poemscol -- Typesetting Critical Editions of Poetry.
    • qobitree -- LaTeX macros for typesetting trees.
    • qtree -- Draw tree structures.
    • rtklage -- A package for German lawyers
    • screenplay -- A class file to typeset screenplays.
    • sides -- A LaTeX class for typesetting stage plays.
    • stage -- A LaTeX class for stage plays
    • tree-dvips -- Trees and other linguists' macros.
    • verse -- Aids for typesetting simple verse.
    • xyling -- Draw syntactic trees, etc., for linguistics literature, using xy- pic.

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