i want to create a calendar - to print out and have a booklet or a diary.

additionally to the diary i want to have some texts implemented 365 text-chunks.
See the texts in this spreadsheet.

the dataset a: http://www.schulcenter.org/image_upl...n_template.jpg

in the end i want to have such a template like this one;
the template b: http://www.schulcenter.org/image_upl...ys_in_line.jpg

note; It is taken from the website: Weekly Planner Template - Free Printable Weekly Planner for Excel
it is a free spreadsheet & Template.

Well - the question of the day is: how to arrange the dataset a to get it into the template b?

idea: what if we arrange the dataset that is shown a; http://www.schulcenter.org/image_upl...n_template.jpg
in line..That is: we could arrange the data that is shown in the first collumn in the first line - from a to a +365
in other words - we re arrange all the data that is shown in a vertical mode in a horizontal mode.

if we can do ths then we are allready there - then we can rearrange the dataset a in a fashion that fits the needs we have for the layout in
the template b

if you have any question left - if i need to explain it more - then let me know.

what do yoou think!

love to hear from you