Hello everyone,

I've got a few problems/questions.
For my school project I have to configure a Samba server. I chose to do this in OpenSUSE 12.2 but in school we use 10.3.
Now, everything I learned (I'm talking about bash commands) seem to be working a bit different in 12.2.

For example, I just installed the Samba software and I want to check if the service is loaded so I do this with 'chkconfig'. No problems there except 'smbfs' isn't in the list. Only 'smb' and 'swat'.
Next thing, I want to start the service smb by typing 'rcsmb start' and it says 'redirecting to systemctl'. What does this mean? Can't I see the output like in 10.3?

Also, can anyone link me a good tutorial on Samba configuration? i've found some good ones but the more I have, the more I can learn