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Thread: Whcih package contains "install mozilla-xulrunner191"?

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    Default Whcih package contains "install mozilla-xulrunner191"?

    I need to install : install mozilla-xulrunner191. After I search on the web, it shows that the following link has:

    RPM OpenSuSE mozilla-xulrunner191-32bit 1.9.1b2 x86_64 rpm

    But it has errors when I add that repository in YaST.

    My computer is installed OPENSUSE 12.1, 64 bit. Are there 32 bit., 64 bit issues?

    Which package has I needed mozilla-xulrunner191?


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    Default Re: Whcih package contains "install mozilla-xulrunner191"?

    The place to look for software that's not in repos you have configured already is: Download openSUSE 12.2
    Searching for 'xulrunner' brings me to
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