Hello everyone! I am pretty new to Linux and here's my challenge:
I tried Mint 14 (slow) and PClinuxOS (Synaptic doesn't work) and installed them both on my desktop (Acer AM3100 Win Vista I bot in 2008). I would now like to install openSuse 12.2 over them. In other Linux installs, I would get to a screen where it would ask if I would like to keep my existing OS or just install only the new one. Then I would just choose the new one and it would do the rest. I am using a DVD.
I would like to install openSuse 12.2 and get rid of the others. I am not sure how to tell it to erase other OS and then how to set up new partitions. Would someone mind giving me some step by step instructions on how to erase the other OS and only install 12.2 ? I really appreciate it, thank you!!!

ps - also, I tried the install yesterday and it seems like oSuse12.2 copied info from PClinuxOS, b/c the desktop although green, looks just like the desktop in PCLOS.