I've just installed SUSE for the first time, and I'm having a dickens of a time getting wireless and video working. I've read that wireless, at least, works better with some of the changes available in tumbleweed, but when I try getting tumbleweed working, that fails too.

Wireless: I have a usb Ralink rt2571w, and have installed the driver. I can run ifconfig and iwconfig wlan0, and see that it's connected. But when I try to connect with Firefox, I can't find a server.

Video; I saw flashplayer installed with the first updates via yast, but no video when I try Youtube. SUSE isn't the only distro I've had that happen in, as Slackware, Arch, Sabayon and several others are having the same problem. Only Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora seem to know the secret to unlocking video, and I hope Adobe and Google figure this out soon!

Tumbleweed: Tried using the Tumbleweed wiki, and copying and pasting the commands into bash. Bash says (for the first entry):
sudo zypper ar --refresh \ Index of /repositories/openSUSE:/Tumbleweed/standard \ Tumbleweed
Specified local path does not exist or is not accessible.

So I've been at this for a while, trying to dig my way out of this mess. I'm frustrated at the difficulty associated with getting SUSE working, and at the same time realizing that SUSE seems to be coming at things from a different angle than other operating systems, and maybe I need to see what the developers had in mind before hosing it down the operating system drain and installing something else. But it sure does take some getting used to, as the learning curve, for me at least, seems to be a little long.