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Thread: Extensions for Google Chrome/Chromium Web Browser

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    Default Extensions for Google Chrome/Chromium Web Browser

    Hello Geekos and a Happy New Year to you !

    For all of you using Chromium Web Browser or Google Chrome i have made some extensions (after following a tutorial found here ) that could be handy when needed:
    openSUSE Wiki - - to browse wiki pages
    openSUSE Search - - to search and install openSUSE packages
    The extensions follow the openSUSE Trademark Guidelines (even if the size of the files was changed )

    How to install:
    - after downloading the extensions, unzip and save their contents inside /home/your-username/Documents/
    - open Chromium or Google Chrome - go to Settings - Extensions
    - once there enable Developer Mode
    - click Load unpacked extension and navigate to where you saved them, more precise to the place where manifest.json resides ( For e.g. /home/your-username/Documents/openSUSE-Wiki/1.0.0/ )

    Usage: open the tab page and click on them

    Suggestion for Chromium packagers: it would be nice to add them as preinstalled extensions along side the ones that already come with Chromium
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    Default Re: Extensions for Google Chrome/Chromium Web Browser

    Cheers !! Cool, very cool. Maybe not for me ( Chrome opens a number of openSUSE sites on start-up ) but I know quite a lot of people who "live" by Chrome extensions, this definitely comes in handy for those people.
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