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    Quote Originally Posted by reddogg View Post
    Well, I recently installed the livecd 12.2 gnome and thought I should check for updates. The seg fault occured when I was using Yast software management
    I have encountered this before only in the GTK yast. In my current install it has not happened but it used to be quite common. If it happens often the fix is to install the qt version of yast and remove gtk one (it will not install kde or etc, its very lightweight).

    I'm not sure why it's working now, but I haven't had the login problem again, so far.
    Ok, good. If you encounter them again I would start a separate thread only about that issue.

    A simple way to update when using the gtk yast is shown in the below. When you have updates it will show them in an updates section in the bottom left below edit repositories. Then you click either only upgrade patches, or upgrade all (which will update unofficial packages you have added too). Nice huh.
    SUSE Paste

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    Thanks again! I didn't know about qt Yast, that you could install that minimally. Cool! Also,thanks for the screen shot.
    I think I need to study the setup guide and get up to speed with this stuff. I don't want to burden people with dumb questions.
    Thanks for your patience and help!

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