I trated myself to a new desktop computer yesterday.

It is my first experience of efi (instead of a bios). The p/c came with windows 8 installed - which I have left on, simply creating some partitions to share data and some empty space for opensuse to install. Ran the opensuse dvd (12.3 m2 64 bit) and it installed fine (once I had turned-off 'secure boot' in the efi settings).

I selected grub2-efi as the bootloader. My problem was that that the p/c just booted into windows 8. I eventually found a efi setting to make opensuse the default o/s. This starts opensuse fine but with no alternative to load windows instead - without changing the setting in efi back to windows, which is a bit round the houses. I am guessing that it is best to leave opensuse as the defaut efi o/s but to add an entry to the opensuse boot loader to allow windows to start - if selected.

Although I am fairly fine using opensuse I have always used grub 1 - so do not know where to start? Can anyone please point me in the right direction? I have ran fdisk -l but as efi uses gpt it isn't of much use. I am guessing the relevant entries are:

sda1 - HPFS/NTFS
sda2 - EFI boot - Fat
sda3 - Microsoft Reserved
sda4 - Win95 FAT32 LBA
sda5 - Windows drive c - HPFS/NTFS
sda6-11 are just windows data partitions
sda12 - EFI boot
sda13 - / linux
sda14 - linux swap

Many thanks