Heya Geekos,

I have a problem I could not solve about KDE theming (OpenSuSe 12.2, KDE 4.8.5).
I do not like the "grayness" of KDE windows. So I looked for theming options, but I could only change the look of the taskbar, and the window title borders.
(Later I will post a picture pointing out what I'd like to change, in case my text is ambiguous about what I'd like to do.)
It would be nice to give KDE some "warmth", it looks a bit "cold" with this grayness and blue outlining that the air theme provides. Let's look at Ubuntu: the colors are much more pleasant to the eye, in my opinion.
Also I'd like to replace the default icon set (for example, I do not like the green reload icon for Firefox).

Any tips on what should I look for?