Hello all,
This is a warning in regard to the sopcast based on my experience with it. I installed the app from a private user and installed it on my machine first time probably with version 12.0. Everything worked fine, no major complains. I reinstalled it after my upgrade to 12.2 and I had few issues which I'm trying to make the users aware of. Last month I had a spike of 10GB in one day and another 25 GB usage the next day(getting over my allowed bandwidth) which forced me to upgrade my plan. I was not able to identify the source of the problem and meanwhile I installed few tools to monitor my network usage. Everything worked fine this month and on the weekend ( I let my guard down and not monitored the tools) and for my surprise I used 75 GB in 3 days. I realized that the culprit is sopcast which didn't shutdown properly and was still running in the background after I turned it off. Due to the fact that sometimes this p2p application will freeze I started a new connection and didn't realize that some connections would not close properly. Some children of the sopcast process (python scripts process) were still alive and consuming resources(being now in a swarm of users) and having a pretty high speed allowed the connection to be used intensively. I will investigate further in few days after i get to have a new month bandwidth allocation starting (again had to increase the bandwidth) and if I found anything new I will let you know. So to summarize if you use it make sure that you check the process that are still running at the end of the session and terminate them(sopcast and python) and even better a logoff or reboot, until a new eventually version will correct this. Beware!