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Thread: Suse 12.2, teamviewer replacement or advices about its use

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    Default Suse 12.2, teamviewer replacement or advices about its use

    Hello all,
    I have installed Teamviewer 6 to my office computer and Teamviewer 7 to my laptop and when I go home with the laptop, I tried to access the already open office computer via Teamviewer. I could see the screensaver and I wanted to enter the password to unlock the screensaver, but it failed. I am pretty sure I entered the password correctly. The thing is that I am using a different keyboard layout, namely Turkish F, on both computers.
    1) Do we have an alternative other than Teamviewer?
    2) Do I have to disable the screensaver unlocking code thing?
    3) I have Windows 7 operating systems on both computers. I think Teamviewer is a Windows program and I might install Teamviewer 7 on both computers. Is it a better way to work?
    Thank you for your interest.
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    Default Re: Suse 12.2, teamviewer replacement or advices about its use

    Hi Mate,

    Mikogo is a great alternative to Teamviewer, especially for your purposes. It is a very quick and easy download, and a free version is available at Mikogo: Remote Desktop, Web Conferencing & Online Meetings. Cross-platform compatibility means you can access either of your computers from any other operating on Windows/Mac/Linux. Also, if you have an iOS or Android you can download our free app and access your computers from your mobile device.

    Check it out and feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

    Good luck!

    Spencer Dunfee
    Mikogo Team

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