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    Am still running 12.1 because I cannot find a a source in South Africa for 12.2. Being a penurious pensioner my resources are limited! Since loading 12.1 K3b will not write to 4.7 GB 6X DVD-RW The disk is not recognised. I have reviewed all settings and can find nothing that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmidl View Post
    Am still running 12.1 because I cannot find a a source in South Africa for 12.2.
    openSUSE:Mirrors - openSUSE says:

    How to find mirrors

    You do not have to select a mirror yourself, as the openSUSE mirrors infrastructure use MirrorBrain, a download redirector and metalink generator.

    If you use or, the server will take care of finding the fastest mirror for you. It will automatically select one of the known and active mirrors from a database and redirect the download. See the official documentation for technical details on how this works.
    openSUSE Download Mirrors - Overview has a list of mirrors sorted by continents. There is one mirror listed from the University of Pretoria.

    Index of /mirrors/opensuse/opensuse/distribution/12.2
    zypp it...

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    Most of the time burning a disk is a pretty straight forward process, but it can be really finicky at times.

    The three most important elements in burning a DVD (or CD) are the media, the burner and the software. A change of any one of those three can reveal subtle little incompatibilities that can really screw up the process. This issue has gotten a lot better over the years, but it's still common. I recall a number of good
    articles on this topic from the folks at (scroll to the bottom of the left pane)

    I've often seen a disk of a given brand fail on a particular burner/software combination and another disk (usually another brand work fine. I've also seen a disk that failed to be detected with one burner/software combo work just fine when either the software or the burner was replaced.

    The easiest thing to try would be Brasero instead of K3b.

    If that doesn't work then the next thing I'd try would be another brand of disk. That's most likely to solve the issue. Also, if you're trying a DVD+ try a DVD- or vice versa.

    Replacing the burner would be silly, if you're certain it works. (You are certain the burner hardware is good, correct?)

    My last suggestion would be to try 12.2. Perhaps the newer kernel will solve the issue.
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    From KDE's Systemsettings - Permissions run k3bSetup. Check all items. enter root password when prompted for, reboot to make sure, though I'd say that's not necessary, and try again.
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    On Sun, 25 Nov 2012 14:46:01 GMT
    caprus <> wrote:

    > The easiest thing to try would be Brasero instead of K3b.

    Even if it fails, it may well give a more sensible error message than
    K3B. For example, K3B told me to insert an empty DVD when the problem
    was the source file being too big.

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