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Thread: Kmail and re-sync Google contacts

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    Default Kmail and re-sync Google contacts

    Hello all,

    On my android phone I had a memory fault and I had to go restore factory settings. Before doing
    that, I saved a copy of my contact list on a memory card. I also synchronized my contactlist (so
    I thought) with google contacts. After I rebooted the phone with everything erased and back to
    factory settings, I set up again my connection with my gmail account and google contacts. I then
    synchronized google contacts. It was a good thing I had backed up the contact list separately
    also, because several of my new contacts had not made it into google contacts on the previous
    (before reset) sync.

    So, I restored my contact list from the saved file to get all the new contacts I had (there were
    about 15 of them). However, there was a problem, as now all except those new contacts had 2
    entries for ever person.

    So, I went to google and used the feature they have to search and remove duplicate contacts. This
    worked great for my android phone, and my android phone is happy again.

    However, my Kmail contact list is not happy now, since it synchronized with google before I
    deleted the duplicate contacts. My kmail contact list still has duplicate contacts for every
    single entry (except the 15 new ones).

    I am wondering, how do I get kmail to re-synchronize with google so that it will remove all those
    duplicate contacts?

    George Olson
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    Default Re: Kmail and re-sync Google contacts

    * golson765,

    KDE System Settings, Personal Information, Akonadi Resources, get rid of the Google contacts service, clean up KMail, recreate the Akonadi resource.


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