By default, my KaddressBook in Kontact displays names as 'FirstName LastName'. I would like it to display as 'Last name, First Name' by default.

The display option is available for each contact individually but I do not see where I can make it the default for all names in all address books. I am sure I am overlooking something simple. Can some one point me in the right direction?

This would not be very important except that I am importing hundreds of contacts from multiple contact lists. To change each one individually would take a lot of time. Surely there is a default display setting somewhere I haven't found.


PS - Kontact handles multiple Email accounts, Calendars and Contact lists very well. I love the way completed To-Dos move into the Journal for that calendar for that day. This is a big help in keeping up with who did what and when. Kontact is well worth the time to learn if you need several PIMS in one place to co-ordinate teamwork without putting it out in the clouds. It might be feature overkill for an individual user with one email account. - TwoHoot