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    Version 12.2 w/ KDE 4.9

    My internal mic works for Google Voice with pulseaudio by going into Pulse Volume Control's input tab, unlocking the channels, then setting the left channel to nearly mute and right to about 25% I was wondering if there is a way to do this with ALSA? Reason being is I tried everything to get my internal mic to work on skype except removing pulseaudio, so if I'm able to use google voice without pulse audio it will be worth the try.

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    Skype is fixed! Worked perfect without having to do anything upon removing pulseaudio. Also have google voice working by seperating the capture channels after uninstalling pulse. Now my new question is if there is a way to set the capture channels to where google voice works while using and revert back to normal settings after usage without having to use kmix?

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