I'm looking for some project management software. It's not for a
software project, I'm building a house. I searched about a bit both here
and elsewhere and found various possibilities and tried several. I
thought I'd write up my opinions in case anybody else is interested or
has any other thoughts.


Seems to have been well-respected but the current version is
command-line only, which isn't what I want.

Calligra Plan (was KPlato)

It seems you have to install the whole Calligra Suite to get the PM
application. As I don't use KDE that involves over a 100 dependencies.
The web site doesn't seem to contain version info or any documentation
(the manual says "Its a bit empty right now"). So I gave up on that.

Gnome planner

Seems to work OK after a short test but whilst it will import MS Project
XML files, it only exports HTML, so it's a bit of an all-or-nothing

ProjectLibre (was OpenProj)

Seems to work OK after a short test. One fairly worrying feature is that
when I click on the help button, I'm shown a dialog and if I then choose
Online Help, I'm taken to a page that says "Access denied". So it seems
the UI may be flaky. Further searching shows that docs may be non-existent.

So I'm still in the testing stage, trying to decide between ProjectLibre
and Gnome planner.

Cheers, Dave