Hi. I have a System76 Lemur Ultra Thin (lemu4) notebook PC and I installed OpenSuSE 12.2 64 bit with the Tumbleweed software repository two days ago. I also added and I installed the Razor-QT desktop environment tonight. I can not connect to the Internet. I looked around at the configuration options and I don't see where I can verify that I am connected to my Verizon FiOS Internet either through the Ethernet Category 5e wired connection or my 802.11 G Wi-Fi private network. I am looking for something that is the equivalent to network manager in Razor-QT, but I can't find it. Furthermore, I usually use my K Wallet to to put in my standard user password so that I can connect to the Internet or any network for that matter in K Desktop Environment. I don't see that feature in Razor-QT.

Can someone please help me learn how to fix this problem? Thank you.