Aloha. I'm using the 64-bit version of openSUSE 12.2. My problem is that I am repeatedly getting lockups at completely random intervals. The computer becomes unresponsive to all forms of input, to the point where it must be cold-rebooted by holding down the power button. Additionally, my hardware is a "mobile" core-i7, inside an asus laptop.

I have also checked /var/log/ warn and messages, and there is no error that happens near to the freeze (bluetooth and "failed to stat gvfs" messages occur 15-20 minutes beforehand, however). In addition, I have fsck'd my home and root partitions from the install dvd, to no avail.

I also tried leaving the computer idle overnight. It works fine when I wake up, so either it's locked up during my sleep and become responsive again, or the issue only occurs during usage.

This issue also only began occurring a few days ago, possibly after an update. My recollection is poor, but if there are update logs I'm happy to go sleuthing through them.

I have also yet to attempt reinstalling openSUSE, or monitoring system resources for any patterns prior to the lockups. I have, however attempted "unconditional update" of various packages I suspect are offending, namely all KDE packages, my nVidia drivers (which report they are not installed when I attempt to run nvidia-settings), all X packages, java, flash, firefox, and a fresh install of chromium (the freezing occurs across Konq, chromium, and firefox).

I'm happy to answer any further questions if I've neglected any relevant information.

Many thanks for any help.