Hi All!

I'm trying to make things working with apcupsd under OpenSuse 12.2.

Here is my configuration:
I need a system power down and an UPS power down after the onbattery script is called
My UPS powers directly the PC and it is connected to it by USB. Apcupsd is configured, up and running
Once the UPS is on battery, apcupsd calls the onbattery script.
In onbattery script, I take care of creating /etc/apcupsd/powerfail file
In the /etc/init.d/halt script there is the $HALT_POWERDOWN_INSERT line that should call /etc/init.d/apcupsd try-powerdown, as it is configured in /etc/sysconfig editor after apcupsd is installed
I edited this file to have /etc/init.d/powerdown instead to make sure that, even if power returns, the UPS is shut down anyway.

Now, after being a little bit puzzled about the reason why the init script was not called, I noticed that the init sistem passed from sysv to systemd, end everything is changed.

Do you know a way to make it working using systemd or I have to switch back to sysv scripts?
I don't like to use legacy apps to workaround issues, but, as obvious, with sysv everything works fine.

At least, anyway, systemd makes unusable part of /etc/sysconfig scripts and apcupsd configuration gets broken, thus, IMMO it may be considered definitively (partially) a bug...

Advices are welcome.