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Thread: Startup issue with Kresource tool and Notes

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    Default Startup issue with Kresource tool and Notes

    When I boot into my KDE 4.8.5 desktop, I get a window with the message "Kresource tool trying to migrate "Notes".

    It disappears after a minute or so.

    If I look in .local/share/notes i find that I have around 50 subdirectories with names like 1GfVQOVJoX - they seem to get generated every time I boot.

    Can I delete these - if so, should I do it through the Akonadi resource tool or directly through Dolphin?

    And how do I stop this happening?

    I am probably the author of my own misfortune here - I installed 12.2 64-bit to an SSD and am using the original Home partition on my old hard disk. Seems to run well otherwise, although KMail and Kontact crash when I try to use them - I am guessing the issue is related.

    Philip Timms

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    Default Re: Startup issue with Kresource tool and Notes

    You're probably also reusing an old ~/.kde4 folder. Create a new user, login as that user and see if the problems occur in the new user's environment. If not, you could clean out your ~/.kde4 folder, but first check this.
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