Before I get started I just want to introduce myself. My Name is Randy. I have been a hardcore Mac user since 1988 until about a couple of years ago when I wanted something different and more flexible. I have tried other many other distros like Xubuntu, Puppy Linux, Zorin and a few more. Opensuse is new territory for me and I hope to stick around for a while. I like distros that are reliable, flexible, fast and have a great user community. I am not that technically oriented but I try. I know some terminal stuff. Linux is fascinating for sure.

I am using Opensuse 12.2 Gnome (is it possible to use a leaner desktop environment/ window manager like xfce, or some thing else?

I am trying to install Dropbox.

So far this is what I have done:

randy@linux-j3iq:~> sudo zypper ar -f dropbox
root's password:
Adding repository 'dropbox' ..............................................[done]
Repository 'dropbox' successfully added
Enabled: Yes
Autorefresh: Yes
GPG check: Yes
I am getting stuck on the second command. What exactly do I have to enter? This is what I am getting so far:

randy@linux-j3iq:~> su zypper in dropbox nautilus-dropbox
su: user zypper does not exist
randy@linux-j3iq:~> sudo zypper in dropbox nautilus-dropbox
Retrieving repository 'dropbox' metadata ------------------------------------[\]

New repository or package signing key received:
Key ID: DE00FECD7B709911
Key Name: network OBS Project <>
Key Fingerprint: CD5AA489AE5B7E40F53DD39FDE00FECD7B709911
Key Created: Tue 03 Aug 2010 09:14:25 AM EDT
Key Expires: Thu 11 Oct 2012 09:14:25 AM EDT (expires in 4 days)
Repository: dropbox

Do you want to reject the key, trust temporarily, or trust always? [r/t/a/?] (r): a
File './repodata/8b28237de79468eca336c451d35e479452e307b4b95ac3cf59df2fb107e35c21-primary.xml.gz' not found on medium ''

Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i/?] (a): a/
Invalid answer 'a/'. [a/r/i/?] (a): r
File './repodata/8b28237de79468eca336c451d35e479452e307b4b95ac3cf59df2fb107e35c21-primary.xml.gz' not found on medium ''

Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i/?] (a): i
Retrieving repository 'dropbox' metadata ................................[error]
Repository 'dropbox' is invalid.
[|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)
Please check if the URIs defined for this repository are pointing to a valid repository.
Warning: Disabling repository 'dropbox' because of the above error.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
Package 'nautilus-dropbox' not found.
'dropbox' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.
No provider of 'dropbox' found.
Resolving package dependencies...

Nothing to do.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much for the help!