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On 2013-03-19, hcvv <hcvv@no-mx.forums.opensuse.org> wrote:
> I have no doubt I in fact use vim as vi user (as I suggested already),
> but I call myself a vi user, litteraly because I just use the command
> vi, and further because I only use a subset of vi commands. I wouldn'r
> recommend others to do like me. Use Kwrite, etc. But I feel at home like
> I do.

I absolutely agree. Except I recommend kate to KDE users and gedit to GNOME users.

> As said, Ivalue the highlighting, as I do much HTML editing and it
> point reveals you many typos.
> I do not know of any plugins. What should be pluged in in a mere text
> editor?

Hahaha , tell that to an Emacs user! If you have to ask, then perhaps vim isn't for you after all!

> And the tabbed/split windows. You can do the same with your terminal
> emulator. But I simply use different emulator windows.

I'm not sure what you mean by emulator. An advantage of using vim's own split/tabbed windows feature is that the buffers
are coordinated so you yank-paste across different files. Or this may be supported for your terminal emulator windows...
I don't know.

> Yes, I am an old-fashioned type of user and many of those things that
> are called features are completely without any understanding for me.

It depends on how much you want to learn new tricks . I believe just because a program is a console program, this
doesn't mean it (and it's user base) shouldn't evolve and improve! For example, it's a shame that sc never evolved from
what is already an excellent program. And analogously (at least for GNU/Linux), I see no advantage with persisting with
vi restrictions when vim is installed everywhere. But as you say... old dogs ... new tricks .
I agree with all you say (especialy about the old dog).
The emulator is of course the terminal emulator, konsole mostly for me, but xterm may do it.

I see the advantage of yanking-pasting between tabs. I now use mostly the mouse, but tabs (the characters, not the vim function) get expanded in spaces then. Visualy nothing is wrong after the paste, but there are no tabs anymore.