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    After the 12.2 live CD boots, there are icons in a box on the upper left of the screen.
    If this box is deleted, how do you get it back?

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    Right click screen set up desktop as you would like it.

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    Right click on the Desktop. If you see 'Unlock Widgets' click it. If you see 'Lock Widgets' do not click it. Your widgets should be unlocked now. Right click again, and select 'Add Widgets'. The one you are looking for is called 'Folder View'.

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    It's also available as an "Activity".

    Look near the bottom left of the screen, or for this button - it looks like 3 coloured dots: SUSE Paste

    When you click that, a large panel appears with some even larger buttons.
    Click the large button that says "Desktop" as you could be on "Desktop Icons" right now.

    Activities are neat, they let you have completely separate desktops.

    NVM, I see what happened =)
    @billypap's suggestion is probably what you need to do.

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    Thanks guys, that was the information I was looking for.

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