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Thread: Firefox Suddenly Broken?

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    Default Firefox Suddenly Broken?

    Hi I am running openSUSE 12.1 as follows:-
    OS: Linux 3.1.10-1.16-desktop x86_64
    System: openSUSE 12.1 (x86_64)
    KDE: 4.7.2 (4.7.2) "release 5"
    My default browser is firefox and it appears I have version 15 installed from the openSUSE repo site. I say appears as I have no recollection of installing this version so it must have been an auto update.

    Whatever, it is now well and truly broken. Uninstalling and re-installing seems to have cleared the problem, possibly due to add-ons? Does anybody else know anything about this?


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    Default Re: Firefox Suddenly Broken?

    On 09/13/2012 11:26 AM, Budgie2 wrote:
    > it must have been an auto update.

    firefox updates flow via the update repo which you access via 'zypper
    up', 'zypper patch', apper/packagekit, or YaST Online Update..

    and, since firefox began releasing a new version each month they come
    quite often...if you wish to not install them it is up to you to look at
    the updates offered and elect to not install them....many folks don't
    look, but (imho) should.


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