I recently switched to Kmail and Kontact. I find it the absolute best PIM around with almost no bugs (summary view sometimes doesn't update.) Now I have a problem with filters.

The Goal
Filter incoming and existing messages by the phrase: "disposition-notification" in the header (Almost no false positives in filter.) Then move these identified emails to a folder named "Read Receipts"


When I run it the mails stay in the folder. I ran it through the dialog and using an icon on the toolbar (not shown in the pics.) No response.

The filter log returns: 0 = "<any header>" <contains> ""disposition-notification"" which indicates it identifies the mail but still doesn't move them. When I use a filter that works by Subject contains "Read:" and then moves the email does work.

Setup Details
I run 12.2, Kmail 4.9.1 and KDE 4.9.1 from the KR49 repo. The filters run on an imap account.

Have I made some configuration error or is this a bug I should report? Thanks in advance.