I was just going through updating from 12.1 to 12.2, but it came up with a warning about my partitions being mounted by device name and hence not persistent. 'Not this again', I thought, recalling the same issue which was buried a few years ago. I then realised that I'd replaced the hard disk and done a fresh install of 12.1 previously, so I don't understand why it chose device-name by default when that's not recommended.

I wasn't sure it would matter since it's a laptop with just the one disk in it, but thought I'd be a dutiful citizen and follow openSUSE's advice else run into issues and get lambasted in the forums afterwards. Well, I changed all the partitions on /sda from Device Name to UUID in YaST. Reading the advice at the bottom of this page on the openSUSE SDB, I checked that fstab had been updated accordingly, then looked at the device.map file. The latter listed (hd0) by Device ID, not UUID, but since that was also persistent I thought that wouldn't matter.

Went through the 12.2 upgrade but at the point where it reboots, I now get the classic Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition. I don't know how to recover from here. What do I type at the grub menu, or if I boot into the rescue system on the DVD, how can I get to the files on /sda that need editing?