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Thread: Possible 12.2 installation bug

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    Default Possible 12.2 installation bug

    I had installed on my machine a dual boot W7-64bits / open SUSE 12.2 RC1 system and once 12.2 was released I tried to do a system update. The update worked properly, BUT (and here is the problem) the GRUB2 menu did NOT show the option allowing to boot W7-64bits.
    I guess this might be a "minor" GRUB2 mistake, but I am not sure at all, maybe I did an error while I installed the 12.2. I was inclined to consider that it was more fear then damage, because as an old open SUSE user (since 7.1), I never saw any distribution that would override existing window system.

    THE Correction: I started YAST, saw that updates have been proposed, installed them all, and problem was gone.

    I am not sure if it is my mistake or a problem with 12.2 distribution, I thought it is better to warn about it.

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    Default Re: Possible 12.2 installation bug

    Gday mate.
    In Grub, you simplt edit your menu.list file and your changes will be set on your next reboot.
    Grub2 is a bit different. You no longer edit you /boot/grub/menu.list file, but instead, your /etc/default/grub file. After editing this file, like lilo, you need to run a command before reboot befroe these changes will apply.
    The below command will update your grub settings after you've adjusted you grub file
    grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
    I don't know why, but sometimes your other operating systems aren't detected on an install (i've seen this on other distros too). After booting up, if the above command is run, it will usually find them then.
    My guess is you distro that update, and it updated something to do with the kernel or grub, and automatically ran that command afterwards for the updated settings and while it was updating, it found Windows.

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