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    This might be slightly off topic, but I am looking for some py2exe help. I have been attempting to convert a program for some time now, but after following the tutorial on the website I can't get anything to happen. I created a setup script just as in the tutorial (obviously with a different program name), but when I run the script I get nothing to happen (using the Windows IDLE). I think I am failing at this step:

    C:\Tutorial>python py2exe
    running py2exe
    *** searching for required modules 
    ****** parsing results ***
    I'm not quite sure how they are running this as "C: \Tutorial>python py2exe". Is anyone familiar with the py2exe tool?


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    On Sun, 09 Sep 2012 03:46:01 +0000, gforce6point0 wrote:

    > This might be slightly off topic, but I am looking for some py2exe help.

    You might have better luck asking about this Windows tool in a Windows
    venue - these forums are Linux forums, and most users probably don't even
    have Windows installed anywhere.


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    Sure, I understand. Hence the off topic statement (I myself only have Windows on my netbook, and rarely use it.) I have just found that in general those who use Linux are usually more familiar with programming languages. I will try and make a StackOverflow account or something then. Any other site suggestions?


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