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    Anyone know if these live-CDs on the wiki actually work? I'm trying the Xfce one and all I get is a purple screen and a TWM menu with very little in it, Choosing 'exit' takes me to the login screen where I can choose session and language, but I get no further in. The md5 sum checks out on the downloaded ISO file. The file is pretty old (2010) but should work on my machine. What I'm trying to get is a feeling for the Open Suse version of Xfce. (Derivatives - openSUSE)

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    Don't use a2010 version, download a recent one. And yes, they work.
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    On 09/09/2012 12:06 AM, RubyTuesday wrote:
    > What I'm trying to get is a feeling for the Open
    > Suse version of Xfce.

    i do not think you can do that by using an iso from 2010..(the one on
    the wiki page is built on openSUSE 11.3 which is now past its end of
    life and i'd not expect it to bring a smile to the face of _any_ owner
    of hardware made after (about) mid-2010 when _all_ updates and patches
    were frozen for the 11.3 system as it exists in the iso..

    i don't know the easiest way for you to "get a feeling" for XFCE....why
    not try 12.2 Live KDE offering..


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    I already have a 'feeling' for the basic xfce setup (with xubuntu), I was really interested in how OpenSuse implemented it...

    And if I could have found a more recent iso on the OS site I would have used it! So if there are such things a pointer would be appreciated.

    Or maybe OS doesn't promote xfce, preferring a simple choice between GNOME and KDE?

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    xfce is supported by the install DVD, there is just no official live CD
    for it only for the two big desktop environments.
    There is a live cd on susestudio for 64bit based on 12.1 which I do not
    know how good it is
    (you may need to login with your novell account, the credentials you use
    for this forum).

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