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To me, it sounds like you're ruled by rpmlint too much.
libcairo.so libimlib2.so seems to be the libraries conky wants instead of conky-devel.
Yes. And therefore there is no need for a conky-devel, which doesn't contain anything more, IMO. I ended up with another build (ported from Fedora) which doesn't create a devel package. It solved the problem.

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2. place them into conky-devel, and add "Requires: %{name}-devel = %{version}" to conky package(awkward but works for personal use, but will be certainly rejected if you submit to Factory)
I've seen this in other builds, including the one I originally used, and it was the start point of this thread indeed, but the two problems were unrelated, as discussed in other posts. It worked in OBS for 12.1 and 11.4, but not for 12.2.