openSUSE 12.1
KDE 4.1

Looking for recommended way to debug Firefox.

Installed the mozilla Firefox debuginfo package thinking it would either come with documentation or spit out useful information by popup or writing to "messages" log, but I'm not seeing anything.

Found an article on the Internet describing debugging with gdb, but I don't think that really uses this package (shouldn't the package make debugging easier?)

Firefox freezes about a second or less after clicking anwhere in the FF window. FF seems to be the only thing that is affected, I can move the window around and do other things without an issue. Early on, I observed a problem (100% CPU utilization for about 10 seconds) with tracker-miner, but that is uninstalled now.

Current status:
I have done a complete uninstall and re-install of FF twice now. Doing a complete removal, I not only removed everything in %USER%].mozilla, I also cleaned out everything in /usr/share/mozilla (which also contained substantial data related to FF extensions) and /usr/lib/mozilla (The mozilla libraries).
Have checked syslog (messages) but I don't see any relevant errors.
Unfortunately FF is still SOL.