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Thread: Kernel bug?

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    Default Kernel bug?

    Repost from Hardware.


    I got a problem when I installed 12.2 yesterday. The installer kept turning off the screen and the fan on the PSU sounds like the computer is ready to restart. If I paused for a couple of minutes and left the computer off, then tried again, I got a bit further and so on. Finally I got it installed but when booting off the hard drive I get the exact same problem.

    It seems strange, because opensuse 12.1 ran perfectly on the same machine until yesterday. I also have Windows on a separate hard drive and I can't detect any problems with it. Only problem is in the 12.2 kernel I presume?

    I use nolocalapic boot flag to even get it running. Had to use it on 12.1 as well but had no problems with it.

    Anyone had similar issues?


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    > Repost from Hardware.

    please do not double post.

    instead of making the same post in a different forum, why not go back to
    your first post and tell us something about your hardware (since we
    can't guess what you have! i wonder what your hardware is that causes
    you to have to use nolocalapic)..

    and, be sure and tell us what graphics hardware you have and what
    happens if you do not use nolocalapic but instead use

    or if you select to boot Failsafe...does it also cause "the fan on the
    PSU sounds like the computer is ready to restart." and, please explain
    what that sounds like....that is, is it very loud, or very quiet (i
    don't know what that ready to restart sounds like on _your_ machine)


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