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Thread: grub2-mkconfig and chroot

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    Default grub2-mkconfig and chroot

    need to run a failing system grub2-mkconfig I tried chrooted system

    mount / dev/sda2 / mnt

    for i in / dev / dev / pts / proc / sys / run, to mount-B $ i / mnt / $ i; done

    chroot / mnt

    grub2-mkconfig-o / boot/grub2/grub.cfg

    But i end up with a message

    ERROR: opening path / mounts / instsys / sys / block

    ERROR: failed to discover devices

    No volume group detect

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    Default AW: grub2-mkconfig and chroot

    Maybe you missed some mount options for some directories.

    mount -t proc none
    mount --rbind /sys
    mount --rbind /dev

    The Gentoo doc is helpful in that case:
    Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Installing the Gentoo Base System

    I've written a while ago a short and simple script for chrooting. Maybe it is useful for you. (Syntax is " sdax")

    Kleines Script für Chroot :: :: GNU Linux Live system based on Debian, optimized for HD-install and high performance

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