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Thread: 12.2 Problem from Live version to install version. Regarding Volume management

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    Question 12.2 Problem from Live version to install version. Regarding Volume management

    When I run the live version of 12.2 it reports no volumes in my system group from volume manager but the Install DVD see's my volumes which are root/home and srv..... and imports them correctly

    Anybody else seen this happen.. Not helpful as I am unable to use the lilve version to backup my volumes before update.......

    Any Ideas?

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    Default Re: 12.2 Problem from Live version to install version. RegardingVolume management

    On 09/05/2012 06:56 PM, ercoupeflyer wrote:
    > Any Ideas?

    i'm not sure when live version is booted up to the live system it will
    automatically mount and 'reports' all available drives/volumes--instead
    doesn't it just show the *live* system and its resources?

    but the live system will mount and allow you to interact with the live
    system, if so provoked..

    on the other hand the DVD is not a live system, instead it is a install
    script which naturally looks for and 'reports' what it finds, and offers
    an install solution..

    now, if the live CD is booted not to the live system, but rather if you
    select "Installation"
    <> it will
    run a script similar to the one the DVD uses, and will therefore hunt
    for and report the machines resources..

    if that is what you are seeing it is as intended.....however, *if* you
    select "Installation" when booting the live CD and it doesn't find all
    drives and partitions that is a bad bug, which needs to be filed with

    however!! lets see if anyone else reports this problem...and, while
    waiting we do need to confirm that you have a good install disk!!

    did you download from an openSUSE server and check the iso's checksum
    prior to burning the disk? and then check the disk itself like shown in
    the previous linked image as "DO THIS FIRST"??


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