I'm a Windows user for over 15 years, and planning to switch to OpenSuse once I figure some things out. I've been using Windows 7 in the last years and planned switching to Windows 8, until I heard some bad news about it. Apart from the Metro UI and Microsoft's new App system (similar to Linux's software repositories but more restrictive), Windows 8 requires a Microsoft account to even create a local username and log into Windows. I believe this takes Windows closer to the restrictive type of computing, where computers would eventually be centralized into one big server and everyone would need an account with "the one big machine" to even use their computer locally. Certainly, I'm never getting an OS like that and sticking with Windows 7.

My question is how much this will cause Windows users to switch over to Linux. Since OpenSuse is one of the first distros (possibly second place after Ubuntu) this addresses it especially. Will Windows users disappointed with the new restrictive ways Microsoft have chosen switch to Linux permanently? I've already been wanting to switch to Linux for some time (technical difficulties kept me) but after hearing about Windows 8, I totally know it must happen for me. How many others feel the same way and have already migrated?