Hi Pete,

As you say above, you send an email to a group and the message goes to all in that Group. In my case that has not been working since the earllier KDE3, or was it early versions of KDE4. Similarly, for years I have been able to reply to list messages in text mode without a problem...that is until this last version of Kmail.

It is quite possible that there is some problem in my current installation which may be the basis for these issues, although this machine was recently re-installed with opensuse on a new drive.. However, I have two other PC's running with slightly different configurations and versions of suse, kde & kmail we have similar issues with Kmail on each.

Unfortunately, it is crunch time and Kmail is to be replaced in the next few days for at least the foreseeable future. Thank you for your comments,but unfortunately, if it is a problem just with my configuration, I cannot spend any more time trying to get it functioning, when I know there are alternatives that will "just work" now.