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    Default Kmail 4.9 difficulties

    I have been using KDE & Kmail for some years. After the upgrades to KDE4 we have struck a number of problems with Kmail, particularly the use of email distribution lists (or now Groups).

    My present system is running opensuse 12.1 and I had been using KDE from the KDE Release48 repos, with no joy to getting the email distribution lists or groups functioning.

    This has been a real concern as my wife is actively involved with some community committees and various sub-committees and has quite a volume of email to be distributed selectively to members of these committees.

    In the hope that things would improve with the latest KDE I changed the repos to Release49 Core & Extra in the last few days to test Kmail.

    Unfortunately, it does not appear to resolve the distribution/group email issue.

    I have setup a test "Group" with 3 or 4 email addresses. I then opened a new message in Kmail, used the "Select" box and looked through the address Book for the test group, selected Test as the To: address and proceeded to send the email. This failed having attempted to send an email to test@penguin (the localhost name) or (our domain) and no mention of the real addresses in the test group that should have been receiving the emails. (Note that the contact list shows the Test addresses in the right pane correctly.)

    I then started to send an email to the kde-opensuse list and it was rejected as "including html" which is of course not permitted on the mailing lists. I cannot seem to find how I can change my settings to send text only emails since upgrading to Kmail 4.9. When I upgraded I had simply gone on using Kmail as before and, it appears, something has changed such that all emails now go as html, or perhaps I am just not looking in the right place to check this.

    I would appreciate it if anyone could advise me on how to setup Kmail 4.9 to enable me to continue posting to "text only" mailing lists. Also is their any solution to the use of groups for email distribution, or could some wiser people advise me on a suitable alternative email client which will handle distribution lists as well as being reasonably similar to kmail and be compatible with maildir mailboxes.

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