My first post here - I'm a long time Fedora / Gnome user who has recently switched to openSUSE and (back) to KDE.

I have a couple of questions to help me with the transition...

First question:

I am trying to set up a layout which has a side panel at the left, and a bottom panel.

Is there any way to keep both panels at 100% length and set my bottom panel so that it "always on top" of the side panel? Or can I only resize the side panel so it does not cover the bottom panel when it has focus?

Second question:

I've added in a few apps to the menu which I have installed myself (ie. not using zypper). Unfortunately these do not seem to give the "Show A Launcher For <application name> When It Is Not Running" in the Task Manager. Is there any way to do this? I know I can create a launcher, but this means when the program is running you get 2 icons for it, and I really only want one.

I had hoped to set the left hand side bar up to work like an OSX or Unity style dock, so I didn't want to have both the launcher and the instance of it visible. Not that I'm a Unity fan, but I do find mimicking the dock somewhat useful.

Many thanks in advance.