I've set up LAMP under openSUSE 12.1 on both my laptop and my desktop using the Yast LAMP server-pattern package group. Apache2.2.1 works, PHP 5.3.8 works. What does NOT work is the display of the css presentation in any of the browsers on the desktop. In the browsers on the desktop, only the HTML text is displayed. On the laptop, everything is displayed perfectly in both firefox and konqueror. I'm convinced that somewhere, a setting needs to be changed, but I can't find it. On both computers the browser versions are identical. The php5.conf, httpd.conf, mod_userdir.conf, and apache2 (etc/sysconfig) files are identical on both systems. The Settings in the Yast2 HTTP Server - including which modules are enabled or disabled - are also identical.

The path in the browsers looks like this:

I even tried uninstalling and rebooting and reinstalling the package pattern group twice. It didn't make a difference.

I only found one other mention of a similar problem – it was in the german language forums, and no one answered. Does anyone have any ideas at all?