Sorry to bother but I've recently updated my suse to 12.1 and im having a lot of problems.

Now I'cant even enter in safe mode, it gives this message in grub

I've tried to chenge the partition number but didn't work, i've 2 disks, with 6 partitions for windows and the rest for suse and swap. I can't locate the file to boot.

I didn't wanted the new grub after installing the system so I've changed to previous grub, and the next error came up.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,

root (hd0,6)
 Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-3.4.4-1.1-desktop root=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-SAMSUNG_HD503H
I_S23CJ90B112962-part7    video=1920x1080 resume=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-SAMSUNG_HD
503HI_S23CJ90B112962-part6 splash=silent quiet
    [Linux-bzImage, setup=0x4200, size=0x4ab170]
initrd /boot/initrd-3.4.4-1.1-desktop-kdump

Error 15: File not found

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