Hi all,

I have a fresh install of OpenSUSE 12.1 and am trying to install a few pieces of software - particularly OpenFOAM ( The OpenFOAM&#174 Foundation ).

I've tracked down the RPMs required (the link from their website was broken but I found a mirror) and successfully installed scotch and paraview (easily; clicked on the RPMs and apper installed them for me, no troubles).

However, when I try to install OpenFOAM by the same method I get an error that a dependency on OpenMPI 1.5 (.x) is unresolvable. The SUSE repositories only contain up to 1.4.x. So, I download an RPM of OpenMPI 1.5 from pbone, and attempted to install at the same time. This time, the version of glibc (2.15) that OpenMPI 1.5 requires isn't available (only glibc 2.14 on the OpenSUSE repos).

You see where I'm heading (down a rabbit hole). I don't want to manually resolve dependencies for my entire system (figuring that by the time I'm messing with glibc, this could be a very deep hole).


I can't find the right repositories to add to allow apper to do it's job.

There's a potential solution using 'GeekoCFD' appliance from the SUSE Studio, which says they've used Third Party OpenMPI - but I have partitions I want to retain and therefore don't want to wipe the entire drive to install one of their images. I've googled for Third Party OpenMPI and can't find the packages they're mentioning.

Can anybody guide me in the best practice to use in this kind of situation please? (By 'best' I mean most user friendly to achieve a robust result...).

Thanks for any help, and best regards

Tom Clark