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Thread: Libre Office Problem

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    heboland wrote:
    > Hello LIst, responders! Let me know if I can use this thread, or if i
    > need to start a new one.

    You need to start a new one.


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    stuartn wrote:
    > Hello, I am continuing to have a lot of problems with LibreOffice with
    > Suse 12.1/KDE crashing the desktop. It seems to be associated with using
    > Firefox/Zotero referencing, a combination that I have been using with
    > Suse & Open/Libreoffice for many years. As noted above, I have refreshed
    > all Xorg rpms, removed the rpm for libreoffice-kde4 integration and
    > tried a lot of other things mentioned on other forums such as a newer
    > jre than openjdk 1.6.0_24, no jre, and switching off "use hardware
    > acceleration" and "use anti-aliasing" in LibreOffice/Options/View. This
    > problem occurs with Stable versions of LibreOffice, as in the Office
    > repo mentioned above, and in the Unstable. Sometimes when the crashes
    > starts to happen, the frequency increases to the point where it occurs
    > every time I recover my document. Crashing the whole desktop is also a
    > problem because it is hard to get an error trace. However, I have found
    > a small workaround. The problem doesn't occur with openbox or LXDE
    > windows managers, even with Unstable LibreOffice. For many days I have
    > been switching to the openbox when the KDE window manager crashes. All
    > has been totally fine with openbox.

    > So I don't think the crashing is a LibreOffice problem, the issue seems
    > to be something to do with KDE and X.

    So since this is a different problem, I suggest you start a new thread
    with a more descriptive title.

    And I suggest you carefully list the version numbers and repositories of
    all the various software packages that you are using/trying. Obviously
    say which ones show the problem and which ones don't!

    You also need to find the simplest way to reproduce the problem, because
    with so many different components, there's almost no chance somebody is
    going to be able to reproduce it.

    In particular, what role does Zotero play in causing the problem?

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    Hello djh-novell, thanks for your interest. I will indeed start a new thread if the problem continues. However it seems to have cleared up with an upgrade to the latest Unstable LibreOffice, which is Version (Build ID: 360m1(Build:104)). I am a bit surprised at this because I suspected that there might be even more problems following about 6 segmentation faults that occurred during the installation of these packages (even though I reinstalled a number of times). However, I have been successfully operating with libreoffice-kde4, openjdk 1.6.0_24 jre, "use hardware acceleration" and "use anti-aliasing". So all seems to be ok at present. This will be my last post to this thread as you request. Thanks, Stuart

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