I have a hosted server (so no physical access) online. I back it up with yast. I have three different yast backup scripts (for the system, /home and /data).

This fits quite my needs. I have mostly to save the necessary time to upload again the data, will it be lost, because I have also local backups.

I receive daily reports.

The system report is curious. It's reported size vary (around 1.7Gb, btween 1.6 and 1.8). I only backup what is *not* included in the standard package (anyway in case my computer break, I will get a new one installed). May be this show the automatic update work?

But the most curious is that this size do *not* reflect the actual size of the archive, that is more around 2.1Gb.

A good yast feature is that one can keep old backups files and choose how many, yast keep them with the date in they name.

Yesterday, I had to change part of the crontab (with crontab -e).

Today I had *two* yast reports, the second, 5 minutes after the first (2 in the morning) being:

/data/backup/automatique.tar -> /data/backup/19700101010000-automatique.tar
/data/backup/automatique.xml -> /data/backup/19700101010000-automatique.xml

notice the date. no such file on the system

any idea?