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Thread: Conky acting oddly

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    Default Conky acting oddly

    I installed 12.1 using netinstall and added only the LXDE desktop. Ever since I tried #!9.04, I've loved openbox and conky. Unfortunately, this one is acting oddly, even though I've been using this .conkyrc or one very similar for a couple years or more on multiple distros. Here's the .conkyrc.
    # Conky, a system monitor, based on torsmo
    # make default by saving as ~/.conkyrc
    # Any original torsmo code is licensed under the BSD license
    alignment bottom_left
    background yes
    border_width 1
    cpu_avg_samples 2
    default_color white
    # default_outline_color white
    default_shade_color white
    draw_borders yes
    draw_graph_borders yes
    draw_outline no
    draw_shades no
    double_buffer yes
    use_xft yes
    xftfont Lucida Sans Typewriter:size=10
    gap_x 2
    gap_y 26
    minimum_size 5 5
    maximum size 100 152
    net_avg_samples 2
    no_buffers yes
    out_to_console no
    out_to_stderr no
    extra_newline no
    own_window yes
    own_window_transparent yes
    # own_window_color 010101
    own_window_type normal # options: normal, conky, desktop, override, panel
    own_window_hints undecorated,below,skip_taskbar,sticky,skip_pager
    stippled_borders 0
    update_interval 2.0
    uppercase no
    short_units yes
    use_spacer none
    show_graph_scale no
    show_graph_range no
    ${font Lucida Sans Typewriter:size=36}${time %I:%M}${font}
    ${font Lucida Sans Typewriter:size=10}$kernel |
    Up: $uptime | 
    RAM: $memperc% $mem/$memmax
    CPU: $cpu% ${freq} MHz
    ${cpugraph cpu0 40,150 3311DD 2200BB}
    Download: ${downspeed eth0}
    ${downspeedgraph eth0 40,150 DD1133 BB0022}
    Upload: ${upspeed eth0}
    ${upspeedgraph eth0 40,150 007700 339933}
    And here are the results. The first one had gap_x and gap_y commented out, so you can see the full border.

    Here's how it looks with gap_x and gap_y enabled:

    And it doesn't change size, even with cpugraph, upspeedgraph, and downspeedgraph all on the same line.

    So, any idea what's going on & how I fix it so my conky's window is no bigger than it has to be? Cos at this point I'd really rather it was long and low.

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    Default Re: Conky acting oddly

    I don't know. Maybe you could try conkyconf and compare the .conkyrc it generates with yours. Actually it does much more and uses a lua script to draw the display. But maybe you'll like it.

    Back up your .conkyrc and run

    for a minimal .conkyrc (which is not that minimal at all). The script has many options if you want more info. It is available in my 11.4 and 12.1 repo. Of course you can edit the generated .conkyrc afterwards.

    I set up conky for LXDE (among others desktops). No problem so far. The only desktop which is problematic with conky is KDE with its pseudo transparent layers.

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