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Thread: [OP 12.1] help setup samba4 pdc

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    Default [OP 12.1] help setup samba4 pdc

    I had read through samba howto but I still unable to get it work . I manage to compile and run it but when I try to connect from win7 client , it prompt to enter userid/password but then I get dns error .

    I doing the test using vbox running 2 VM (op and win7) .
    I have no clue of how to setup dns . I follow some tutorial found on web and try it . not sure whether working or not .

    I hope someone can give a simple howto samba4 for op12.1 . including how to setup simple dns/ldap to get it work


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    Default Re: [OP 12.1] help setup samba4 pdc

    I am not a Samba user (I do nothave MSD Windows in the environment ). but I pointy allways to: openSUSE SuSE Linux HOWTOs and Tutorials by Swerdna This is praised by many.

    BTW, it could help when you did not point to "samba howto" because I guess there are many. Allways be precise and thus provide a link or a book title or whatever. People are not clairvoyant. (I never heard of people compiling it themselves these days)..
    Henk van Velden

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