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Thread: Kdenlive not accepting MPG clips

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    Default Kdenlive not accepting MPG clips


    I've been editing several videos in Kdenlive but now each time I try to import a MPG or almost every other type of clip it simply says the clip is invalid and doesn't add it. Most of my videos were created on Kdenlive itself but now it won't read any

    I really need to add titles to my work!

    Any help will be appreciated!

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    Default Re: Kdenlive not accepting MPG clips

    I don't know if you ever solved your problem, but I can say that I came up against this just this week. Kdenlive basically choked on any clip I tried to add. It tuned out melt was segfaulting on the clips. As a work around, I discovered that if I ran the clips through Handbrake first, encoding them as MPEG-4, then they could be imported.

    But in the end, I just built mlt and kdenlive from source, and that resolved the problem.

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