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Thread: [12.1] Using vm-install on low resolution screens

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    Default [12.1] Using vm-install on low resolution screens

    I am trying to test out KVM on my laptop to evaluate it's performance with various guests and to test out guest configurations.

    When I try to create a VM Guest I encounter a GUI problem. The vm-install window is too tall for my laptop screen. That is it is greater than 700 pixel in height, thus none of the buttons at the bottom of window is visible. I can only resize the width of the window, not the height.

    Attaching a 2nd larger resolution screen is no option, as I travel by airlines extensively thus can't take large monitors with me.

    How does one resize the vm-install window, in order to be able to see the bottom of the window?

    I guess this is a design flaw in the GUI part of vm-install. I have no problems with virt-manager, can easily resize the windows as needed.

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    Now that I attached a larger monitor, I am able to see the entire window. There is absolutely no reason for fixing the window height. The last step has the most information that fills the entire height of the window. The last step can simply be placed in a scrollable pane, that would result in no need to fix the window height.

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    Default Re: [12.1] Using vm-install on low resolution screens

    Are you talking about guest OS framebuffer viewed from internal viewer, or virt-manager's / vm-install's own internal GUI?

    In first case, you can:
    • switch to full screen mode (before doing this, take note on the hotkeys that will bring you back);
    • scale guest's framebuffer to match virt-manager window size;
    • use separate virt-viewer (wich has better auto-resizing ability) or maybe just vncviewer (if KVM supports it);
    • if guest supports it, try installing in text mode on even in console mode (if KVM doesn't support console, try Xen PV then).
    There is no meaning in resizing the window past your physical screen size.

    In the latter case, you can:
    • throw vm-install into trashcan and start writing VM configs by hand;
    • alter its sources to fix GUI glitches, — it's just a collection of Python scripts, so should be easy (I remember fixing font name in console viewer by myself — no rocket-science involved).
    I definitely recommend the first way.

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    Thanx for your reply.

    I referring to vm-install internal GUI. Before even the guest OS installation begins using virt-manager. Once the OS installation begins, I simple go to full screen mode and continue with no hassle.

    I look at editing the vm-install python script to fix the window height of it's GUI.

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